Computer Music Policies

What's Here

The Computer Music archive is an ever-growing collection of MIDI music files, sorted by the artist of the original songs. You will find music from many different genres here, including rock, country, and new age. You will also find the names of song writers and MIDI sequencers, where available.

What's Not Here

You will not find any karaoke MIDIs at this site! That is, you will not find any MIDI conversions that are missing vocal or other essential melody tracks.

Also, to the best of my knowledge, there are no commercial MIDI files here. All files on this site were made available free of charge.

Other Information

Songs are filed according to the popular artist most commonly associated with the song, or in some cases the artist most commonly associated with a particular arrangement of the song. For each song in the archive, information is given (when available) that includes the original writer(s), the sequencer(s), and the file size.

Most of these files can be downloaded directly from the archive; simply click on the link provided. However, some sequencers have requested that their files only be distributed from a particular site. In these cases, a link is provided which will take you to the web site where the sequencer's files are available.

MIDI sequences over 100kB are stored as zip archives. For these files, the compressed file size is given, followed by a "zipped" notation.

If you would like to see your sequences included here, send me an email telling me where I can find them and how you would like them listed in the archive. Also, if you see files of yours that are not properly credited, or you want your files removed, or there's anything else you want to say, let me know. I'm flexible.

Really Technical Stuff

Most MIDI files available on this site are stored in the Standard MIDI File (SMF) format, and conform to the General MIDI (GM) standard for instruments and effects. Some files are stored in the KAR or XF file formats, both of which allow song lyrics to be embedded into the file; these formats are compatible with the SMF format. Some files conform to the Roland GS or Yamaha XG standards, both of which provide extra instruments and effects; these standards are backwards compatible with GM, though different instruments and effects may be heard when using a GM compatible player.

In simple terms, all the files on this site are playable on virtually all modern computers, as well as music keyboards and synthesizers boasting GM compatibility.

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