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Arkanoid: Revenge of DoH Geneology

1986 - Arkanoid - Help the Vaus escape through 33 levels of bricks and other obstacles.

1987 - Arkanoid: Revenge of DoH - DoH has returned, and this time the Vaus 2 is sent to make a preemptive strike. New power-ups and a few other surprises add to the game play. Arkanoid: Revenge of DoH was renamed Arkanoid II: The Revenge of DoH for home release.

1997 - Arkanoid Returns - DoH is back once more, and the Vaus is ready for his challenge. This time the aliens that roam the playfields have a few new surprises of their own.

1997 - Arkanoid: DoH It Again - This Super Nintendo exclusive mixes elements of the three arcade games into a new sequel with new levels and a new story, again pitting the Vaus against the mighty DoH.