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Not Your Older Brother's Video Pinball

Of course games often underwent radical changes when getting ported to the Atari 2600, but when famous video pinball game David's Midnight Magic was repurposed for the 2600, the change was so great, even the name was altered! Actually, it's fair, and certainly not inaccurate, to call Midnight Magic a completely unique game, and not a port at all. Even so, Atari had to seek permission from original publisher Broderbund, not only to use the name but also to use the same box art as David's Midnight Magic. Clearly Atari was trying to get potential customers to make the connection.

Regardless of its similarities, or lack thereof, Midnight Magic earned praise for its noticeable improvements over earlier 2600 pinball game Video Pinball. As a flagship game for the Atari 2600's relaunch in 1986, Midnight Magic helped the old system stick around for at least a few years more. The 2600 wouldn't see another pinball game, as it turned out, but after Midnight Magic, it really didn't need any more.