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Robert Palmer
Addiced to Love (Palmer) LoveForU MIDI (41k)
Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor Doctor) (Martin) Artist Unknown MIDI (46k)
Simply Irresistible (Palmer) Artist Unknown MIDI (39k)

Ray Parker, Jr.
Ghostbusters (Parker) D. W. Barnes MIDI (26k)

The Alan Parsons Project / Alan Parsons
Beaujolais (Parsons/Woolfson) Jorge Revueltas, Pot & Songs Ltd. MIDI (60k)
Blue Blue Sky 1 (Bairnson) Jose Alfeu G. de Oliveira MIDI (1k)
Breakdown (Parsons/Woolfson) Kris Kelley MIDI (49k)
The Cask of Amontillado (Parsons/Woolfson) Norma Williams MIDI (29k)
(The System of) Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether (Parsons/Woolfson) Norma Williams MIDI (19k)
Don't Let It Show (Parsons/Woolfson) Kris Kelley MIDI (38k)
A Dream within a Dream (Parsons/Woolfson) Rickysoft MIDI (10k)
Eye in the Sky (Parsons/Woolfson) John Taylor MIDI (59k)
Games People Play (Parsons/Woolfson) Artist Unknown MIDI (40k)
Hawkeye (Parsons/Woolfson) Jorge Revueltas, Pot & Songs Ltd. MIDI (47k)
I Robot (Parsons/Woolfson) Kris Kelley MIDI (98k)
I Wouldn't Want to Be like You (Parsons/Woolfson) Kris Kelley MIDI (44k)
Limelight (Parsons/Woolfson) Jose Alfeu G. de Oliveira MIDI (19k)
Mammagamma (Parsons/Woolfson) Sylvain Roy MIDI (24k)
Money Talks (Parsons/Woolfson) Artist Unknown MIDI (40k)
Old and Wise (Parsons/Woolfson) Carl Edwards MIDI (45k)
The Raven (Parsons/Woolfson) Norma Williams MIDI (20k)
Secret Garden (Parsons/Woolfson) Marco Pico MIDI (38k)
Sirius (Parsons/Woolfson) Steve McVey MIDI (21k)
Some Other Time (Parsons/Woolfson) Kris Kelley MIDI (49k)
Standing on Higher Ground (Parsons/Woolfson) Artist Unknown MIDI (55k)
The Tell-Tale Heart (Parsons/Woolfson) Norma Williams MIDI (40k)
Too Late (Parsons/Woolfson) Jorge Revueltas, Pot & Songs Ltd. MIDI (30k)
To One in Paradise (Parsons/Woolfson) Artist Unknown MIDI (37k)
The Turn of a Friendly Card, Part 1 (Parsons/Woolfson) Kris Kelley MIDI (19k)
Wine from the Water (Parsons/Bairnson) Jorge Marchini MIDI (49k)

Dolly Parton
Nine to Five (Parton) Artist Unknown MIDI (6k)

The Partridge Family
I Think I Love You (Romeo) TDZim'n and JRJ MIDI (50k)

The Pet Shop Boys
Go West (Belolo/Lowe/Morali/Tennant/Willis) Artist Unknown MIDI (85k)

Peter, Paul and Mary / Paul Stookey
Puff (the Magic Dragon) (Lipton/Yarrow) Artist Unknown MIDI (33k)
The Wedding Song (There Is Love) (Stookey) Kris Kelley MIDI (17k)

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers / Tom Petty
Don't Come around Here No More (Petty/Stewart) Norma Williams MIDI (27k)
A Face in the Crowd (Petty/Lynne) Artist Unknown MIDI (10k)
Free Fallin' (Petty/Lynne) OnNTwo MIDI (47k)
Into the Great Wide Open (Petty/Lynne) Artist Unknown MIDI (56k)
Learning to Fly (Petty/Lynne) Artist Unknown MIDI (43k)
Mary Jane's Last Dance (Petty) Dan Hageman MIDI (20k)
Refugee (Petty/Campbell) Rob Lang MIDI (21k)
You Got Lucky (Petty/Campbell) Norma Williams MIDI (14k)
You Wreck Me (Petty/Campbell) Artist Unknown MIDI (24k)

Phil Phillips and the Twilights
Sea of Love (Baptiste/Khoury) Redsal MIDI (54k)

Bobby "Boris" Pickett
Monster Mash (Capizzi/Pickett) Phil Smith MIDI (25k)

Wilson Pickett
In the Midnight Hour (Cropper/Pickett) OnNTwo MIDI (36k)

Pink Floyd
Another Brick in the Wall, Part 1 (Waters) Artist Unknown MIDI (22k)
Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2 (Waters) Artist Unknown MIDI (58k)
Brain Damage (Waters) Artist Unknown MIDI (16k)
Bring the Boys Back Home (Waters) Eric Spierings MIDI (6k)
The Great Gig in the Sky (Wright) Artist Unknown MIDI (27k)
Hey You (Waters) Artist Unknown MIDI (52k)
High Hopes (Gilmour/Samson) Artist Unknown MIDI (91k)
Is There Anybody out There? (Waters) Cosmorock MIDI (4k)
Keep Talking (Gilmour/Wright/Samson) Artist Unknown MIDI (70k)
Money (Waters) Artist Unknown MIDI (106k)
Run like Hell (Waters/Gilmour) Blake Wallace MIDI (31k)
(from) Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Gilmour/Waters/Wright) Artist Unknown MIDI (71k)
Speak to Me / Breathe (Mason/Waters/Gilmour/Wright) Kris Kelley MIDI (25k)
The Thin Ice (Waters) Eric Spierings MIDI (9k)
Us and Them (Waters/Wright) Norma Williams MIDI (34k)
Vera (Waters) T. T. Tran MIDI (20k)
Welcome to the Machine (Waters) Norma Williams MIDI (33k)
Wish You Were Here (Waters/Gilmour) Artist Unknown MIDI (47k)
Wot's... Uh the Deal? (Gilmour/Waters) Norma Williams MIDI (34k)

The Platters
Only You (Ram/Rand) U. Thielk MIDI (25k)

Baby Come Back (Crowley/Beckett) Artist Unknown MIDI (39k)

Buster Poindexter
Hot Hot Hot (Cassell) Frank Silvia, after Tony Gap MIDI (88k)

The Pointer Sisters
Fire (Springsteen) D. W. Barnes MIDI (22k)
I'm So Excited (Pointer/Pointer/Pointer/Lawrence) Artist Unknown MIDI (64k)
Jump (for My Love) (Mitchell/Sharron/Skardina) Heinz Kannengiesser MIDI (37k)

The Police
Bring on the Night (Sting) MIDI C.A.D. Productions Inc. MIDI (57k)

Mike Post
Law and Order (Post) OnNTwo MIDI (9k)

Elvis Presley
All Shook Up (Blackwell/Presley) Artist Unknown MIDI (27k)
That's All Right Mama (Crudup/Crudup) Steve Day MIDI (18k)

The Pretenders
Back on the Chain Gang (Hynde) Norma Williams MIDI (31k)
Brass in Pocket (I'm Special) (Honeyman-Scott/Hynde) John Taylor MIDI (25k)

1999 (Prince) Artist Unknown MIDI (39k)
The Beautiful Ones (Prince) Artist Unknown MIDI (71k)
Take Me with U (Prince) Luis T. Rivera MIDI (46k)

Procol Harum
The Conquistador (Brooker/Reid) V. J. Miele MIDI (37k)
A Whiter Shade of Pale (Brooker/Reid) Artist Unknown MIDI (34k)

Gary Puckett and the Union Gap
Young Girl (Clark/Fuller) H. D. Schulze MIDI (56k)

The Beatles Led Zeppelin
Policy People
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